Information Technology

We provide cyber security, network communications, engineering support, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing and IT support services.

Cyber Security: Developed and implemented robust solutions, including real-time threat detection and monitoring for DoD HPCMP and DREN networks.

Zero Trust: Software defined perimeters, mesh/remote VPNs, network access control (NAC), and DoD-based Comply-to-Connect Initiative.

Communications Networking: Design and manage highly available and high-speed networks.

System Administration: Provide extensive expertise in Windows, Linux and virtualization management.

High Performance Computing: Facilitate seamless computing synergies between the Corporate Computer Environment and High-Performance Computing Environments.

System Design: Design and implement infrastructure architecture based on DOD requirements.

Cloud Computing: Coordinated and Supported Microsoft Azure Hypervisor software benchmarking with SAF/CDM and ERDC HPC for DOD research and science projects.

Data Analytics: Our data science team can aggregate data points into clear reports that guide both your organization’s action and reaction.

Data Base Modernization and Enterprise Knowledge Graph: We design and implement enterprise data solutions, including data lakes; distributed spatial databases; RDF and property graph knowledge graphs; image and multimedia libraries; and large language models and transformer libraries.

AI Integration Development and Services: We build AI solutions, including Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) frameworks; specialized natural language processing (NLP) and computer vision transformers; and Building Information Model (BIM) AI assistants.

Web Portal: We provide user-friendly websites and portals that expand front-end engagement while tightening operational processes.

IT Transformation: Our team boasts some of the best and most innovative IT and Data Professionals in the business, and we stay at the leading edge of IT technology and methods. Our team provides transformation planning and innovation services that fulfill our customer’s needs while remaining within their resource constraints. We excel at advising Government customers on how to efficiently and effectively modernize their legacy systems and processes within their culture and resources constraints.

Administrative Services

Medicare and Medicaid Claims Review: assist in reviewing over 500,000 Medicare Claims a year.

Provider Enrollment: Offer comprehensive support in Medicare provider enrollment.

Call Center and Help Desk Operations: As call center for Medicare beneficiaries our agents have the training and technology necessary to respond to customer inquiries accurately and effectively. Our advanced help desk capabilities ensure that complex questions are quickly resolved with live support.

Transaction Processing: Provide extensive services in billing, payer relations, and accounting.

Account Resolution: support CMS MAC business initiatives through systems analysis and evaluation of business requirements.

Reimbursement: ensuring proper reimbursement of Medicare providers through management, analysis, accuracy, and timeliness of Medicare cost report acceptance, tentative and straight-to-final settlements, Medicare interim rates and applicable limits for all providers in the Fiscal.

Program Management

Broadway approaches program management with a standards-based program management methodology that produces repeatable, reliable, and predictable results. Our program management staff has decades of collective experience in managing a diverse collection of programs and projects of considerable size, scope, and complexity.

Transformative and Modernization of Enterprise IT: We plan, design, implement, transformative solutions and manage sustainable IT operations.

Health Care Administration and Social Services: Managed a pilot program for CMS to assist Medicare beneficiaries in finding transportation resources.

Environmental Engineering: Broadway Ventures and FC&E Engineering are in a joint venture called AmeriPro Group that specialized Environmental Engineering Services. Broadway’s staff has vast environmental engineering program management experience. FC&E Engineering brings the environmental and engineering subject matter expertise and past performance to AmeriPro.

PMO Support: We assist in maintaining the standards for project management.

Research & Development

Virtual Inertia AI Labs is the name of our in-house Artificial Intelligence (AI) research laboratory, where we engage the best AI scientists and companies to tackle the DoD’s toughest challenges and make those solutions commercially available.