Call Center and Help Desk Operations

Our call center and help desk agents have the training and technology necessary to respond to customer inquiries accurately and effectively. Our advanced help desk capabilities ensure that complex questions are quickly resolved with live support.

Medical Claims Review

Experienced clinicians conduct reviews of medical records to make accurate decisions regarding medical necessity, coverage, and payment.


Utilizing technology, our team of trained healthcare executive experts lead and facilitate hospitals through a holistic process of performing comprehensive strategic and tactical planning that allows for proactive anticipation of resource requirements for the coming operational year while incorporating metrics and reports for monitoring performance and to better understanding of resource utilization.

Information Technology

We provide data validation services, statistical sampling, testing, and installed an end-user call center on the CMS contracts. We conducted 4CAST (the state-of-the-art financial management and budgeting software for the VA) development and training for the VA. We have also performed flood insurance IT services for banks and other commercial clients where we assist them with flood elevations, geotagging, and property GIS rating development.

Staffing Augmentation

We provide staff for professional services on federal contracts. Our labor rates are very competitive, so we can save our clients’ money while meeting a triplex of small business goals.

Insurance Consulting

We assisted Medicare Beneficiaries with non-affirmed transportation prior authorizations in securing transportation for Repetitive, Scheduled Non-Emergent Ambulance Transportation. We designed and administrated 4 international insurance programs for the US Department of State and provided insurance consulting services in the private sector where we assist with insurance program design, claims, audits, expert witness services, and other disputes with insurance companies.